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(posted January 6, 2017)

Announcement, January 27, 2016

Commissioner Dr. Libby O'Connell:

“World War I had a lasting impact on our world, but so many people have forgotten its lessons and the service of millions of American men and women. Yesterday, the World War One Centennial Commission announced the winner of the national memorial design competition.  As a WW1CC Commissioner, I am thrilled that we will be partnering with Joseph Weishaar to build a national memorial that will honor the service provided by almost five million Americans in the Great War.   There are many ways you can help in your community and across your state, so please click here to learn more about the National World War One Memorial in Pershing Park, as well as commemorative activities in communities across the country.  Together, we can make sure these extraordinary young Americans get the recognition they deserve.  CLICK HERE

General Barry McCaffrey USA (Ret.):

“There is a good argument that World War One, this immense tragedy that ended empires, changed the political and economic map of the world, was one of the most senseless wars that was ever fought, and arguably one of the most consequential.  At the end of the day this is about American soldiers, sailors, Marines, the beginning of the Army Air Corps, and how they ended the war.  We need you to support the Commission so these service men and women get the recognition they deserve.” Click here to learn

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Featured Local Events

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