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Any questions?

  • 09 March 2022 12:32 AM
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  • 18 August 2019 6:26 PM
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    I am planning to attend and be on a panel this year but I am between graduate school and employment so I’m looking for other sources of travel funding. Any ideas?

  • 02 August 2019 11:48 AM
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    Luming Zhang

    Dear Justin,

    I need to attend another conference at the same time, September 20-21. I was wondering whether the detailed time schedule is coming out. I really do not want to miss this conference, so I need to make sure which day I am going to present my paper. If it is possible, I would prefer as earlier as possible, such as September 20 to attend. Thank you !


    Luming Zhang

  • 31 January 2019 11:04 AM
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    Jeanne Grant (Administrator)

    Hello! Welcome!

    If you have any questions about our association or the upcoming conference, please ask them here and one of our officers or executive committee members will do their best to answer them.

    You don't have to be a member yet to participate in this discussion.

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